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Every piece from Mouré is handmade, using the art of the Lost Wax Method. Made by Monique Mouré Chawora, her collections reflect the designers travels by using gemstones from around the world. Her designs are made with great passion and are all intentionally made to be one of a kind, just as their wearer. What we wear tells the magnificent story of how we feel about ourselves, what we have to say to the world, and ultimately, who we are. Mouré aspires to add a personal element of strength and beauty to your fantastic tale. 
Keep'n It Real
 We like to keep it honest, and wild. So here, at Mouré, all of our raw stones are completely natural with no chemical treatment. We have collected these little precious gems in travels throughout the U.S., Europe, and Africa and always strive to buy stones directly from local miners who confirm to use responsible harvesting methods. Its our tiny way of giving Mother Earth a little fist pump.
What can I say...I am first and foremost a lover, not a fighter.  A military brat born in Germany, I grew up bouncing around from country to country, but found myself calling California my home. I live and create in Long Beach, California, where I feel inspired and lifted up by the sun, sand, and wild air. I've always been a crazy, creative little brown girl, dabbling in everything from ukulele playing to wedding head pieces. But after I learned how to make my own silver jewelry 9 years ago, I've never looked back. I am so grateful to finally be able to make pieces that I adore. My hope is that my little creations evoke every woman to feel strong, adventurous, confident and above all, uniquely beautiful.